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I purchased a box of Pretzel Pete Sour Cream & Habanero seasoned pretzels from "Tuesday Morning". Upon opening, I noticed the outside of the pretzels had a green color - thinking it was the spices, i ate several (about 5-6). The next day i began to feel listless - with constant intestinal distress and a temperature. I consulted with a doctor, who stated he believed I had food poisoning as a result of ingesting this product, the symptoms lasting 3 days. The package contents include "sour cream powder", which upon examination evidently turned rancid. The illness was reported to the company as well as the county health department. By the time a health inspector arrived at the retail store, she was told that they had "sold out of all Pretzel Pete products". In other words, they had been notified by "Pretzel Pete", to remove and destroy the products. I was offered a "refund" or "replacement" of the product by the SB Global CEO (t/a "Pretzel Pete" . Considering the 3 days of pain and suffering experienced as a direct result of ingesting their product, I refused his paltry "offer". He turned the matter over to their insurance carrier, Nationwide Insurance Company, who promptly denied any wrong doing and refused to pay the claim. The "Pretzel Pete" company AND their insurance company were offered the product to test -- of note, both refused to test their product.


Reason of review: rancid product caused food poisoning.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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This review only helps me in my decision to not buy food from places that aren't primarily food vendors. Why are you complaining that they removed the merchandise when that's the desired end result?

Now no one can buy the rotten ones and to me it sounds like you're just mad they didn't grovel at your feet.

Also you are aware Pretzel Pete will probably never see this review because you labeled it as "Pretzels" instead of "Pretzel Pete", right? Now it just looks like you've reviewed a brand called Pretzels


Just ewwwww!

to Anonymous Victorville, California, United States #949615

All bad. So sorry & know you would never get away with it. Hope you keep @ them & win!

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